NASA is working with ASU to scan and make available the flight films from the Apollo missions. I find this type of stuff very interesting. Not only is the moon an amazing thing to look at, but the technology being used to scan the original film is quite exciting as well. The scans are being done at 14 bits and up to 200 pixels per mm. That’s over 5000 ppi. This is all fine and dandy, but the really cool part is that anyone can access, view, and download these images from the moon missions once they’ve been scanned and added to the website. The flyover pictures might be pretty boring unless you’re studying the moon’s surface for some reason, but the pictures from the handheld cameras on the surface would be pretty neat. See more info at

I’m currently downloading a raw image to check it out in all its high res glory. The download is only 13% done with over 160MB complete.

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