HDDVD, BlueRay, HDMI, 60+ inch LED DLP Dolby HD 7.1 channel surround… The list goes on and on. With the right stuff, home movies are better than watching a movie at a theater with some old, blown speakers, dim contrast, and a punk kid kicking the back of your seat. Home movies are good… Almost TOO good. While watching FLYBOYS tonight on a blueray player with the aforementioned equipment at hand, I couldn’t help but pick out every little bad special effect detail. The picture is so stunning and precise, that any slightly modeled looking CG is blindingly evident. Well, to my eye at least. I imagine this is the same fate shared by other artists who spend their days staring at pixels on a display with many lines of resolution more than your typical blueray player. Now, don’t get me wrong, the guys at http://www.dneg.com/ are top notch. FLYBOYS just happened to be the movie I watched tonight before I sat down to write this. There are plenty of other flicks that have far worse CG. Take Matrix for example. In the second one, NEO looked like a rubberband man. There’s also tons of times while watching network HD tv that I catch the occassional missed focus. Again, something you would never see in an SD signal on your mom’s 20 inch council TV. Bottom line: I wouldn’t trade today’s tv tech for anything. The CG and softfocus will vanish or my eyesight will deteriorate one of these days.

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