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Here’s an update on Ethan’s portrait showing the progress made since yesterday. More hair put in, some shading around the eye socket, and a start on the nose.

Ethan 1 year portrait step 6Ethan 1 year portrait step 6 detail

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I apologize for the lack in updates on Ethan’s portrait in Feb. I’ve finally hunkered down to start working on it again. I must finish it in the next few days, so some caffeine will definitely be consumed… Get ready for a flood of update posts!

Anyway, here’s the latest progress. Mostly just more hair rough-in. I’m not dreading the hair as much as I usually do. Probably due to the fact that I didn’t leave it till the bitter end with a deadline looming. A little more hair work, and then it’s on to those chubby cheeks.

Ethan 1 year portrait step 5

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I finally got a chance to work on this drawing again. Here’s tonight’s progress. Ethan 1 year portrait step 4. Tonight I spent most of my time working on the eyeball and a little more shading on the edge of the forehead where it meets the hair. I also roughed in a little bit of the hair, but will continue to put that off till another time. Eyeballs are much more fun to draw than hair.

Ethan 1 year portrait step 4

Ethan 1 year portrait step 4 Eye detail

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Step 3 update. More plaid, and some cheek shading.

Ethan 1 year step 3

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Step 2 update… Here comes the plaid.

Ethan 1 year step 2

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I am finally embarking on another Nephew Portrait. This very belated birthday present will be presented here in a Work in Progress (WIP) step-by-step format. I will try to post an update each night as I progress, showing the latest graphite that’s been put down. Subscribe to the RSS feed to be automatically informed of each update. Here is the first step shown along with the reference photo.

Ethan 1 year first step

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